Next-gen demand planning driven with AI

Demand forecasting is the solution for better planning. With our AI, we connect all relevant internal and external data points for an incomparably high forecasting accuracy included with our success guarantee!

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Modern AI technology

Food manufacturers live in a complex market environment driven by many internal and external factors. Our AI connects all data points and assesses the respective influence on future sales and the associated importance for production, logistics and purchasing.

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More Efficient Planning

Sales & Operations Planning is a time-consuming process that requires teams from many different departments to work together. With Forenamics AI, we reduce time and increase performance of your teams with automated reporting and insights.

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Through our application programming interface (API), forecasts are integrated into your daily operations within a few days. The exchange of data and forecasts is thus fully automated and works complementarily with your existing systems.

Use cases

We guarantee higher forecasting accuracy for other applications as well. Just contact us.

Ensure delivery

Delivery capability in terms of short delivery times and high adherence to delivery dates requires a great deal of planning and is essential for successful customer relationships. In addition, many manufacturers are struggling with expiration dates or suffer revenue losses due to out-of-stocks. With our high forecasting accuracy, we help you you to always be able to deliver and realize every sales opportunity without having to waste unnecessary resources.

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Better understand marketing and promotions

Marketing expenditures or major promotions, such as with food retailers, have a massive impact on sales. With our forecasts you can plan the intensity, duration and impact of your promotions much better, so that your production can take a breath. This allows you to take full advantage of your sales potential and also minimize residual stock.

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Optimize inventory

Our accurate forecasts permanently reduce inventories and free up unnecessarily tied-up capital. Any losses, which are not least related to the best-before date, can also be avoided in this way. In addition, our customers are pleased to finally have more space and order in the warehouse. Important side effect with food: You prevent food waste!

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Interested in a pilot project with guaranteed success?

If our predictions are not better than your status quo, the project is free of charge for you.


  • What does a pilot project with Forenamics look like?

    A pilot project with us lasts 4 to 8 weeks. Here, we prepare the data, train and optimize our algorithms and present our results. After a successful pilot project, we integrate our solution into your daily routine within a few days.

  • What resources do I need to allocate to a pilot project?

    At Forenamics, we only need all the data relevant to sales and a contact person for any questions of understanding.

  • What is meant by „Guarantee of success“?

    If we don't manage to produce significantly more accurate forecasts than your status quo in the 4 weeks, you pay nothing for the Pilot. Our predictions will become more and more accurate beyond the pilot as our algorithms continue to continue to learn and be optimized.

  • What is your business model?

    After a successful pilot project, we set up our API within a few days. With this, your forecasts will be automatically calculated from your data and sent back to you. You pay a monthly fee our forecasts.

  • What does the forecast look like?

    The forecast will be configured to your wishes. The only limitation is the data history.