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We offer individualized solutions and consulting services for all known and modern applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning.



We offer individual consulting in the field of data science with a focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning to realize undreamt-of potential.

SaaS Solutions

We develop individual AI and ML models to achieve the best results. We are happy to integrate our solutions permanently into operational processes.

AI Training

We bring your company to the forefront of the digital and data-driven world in tailored workshops and training courses.

Do you want to know

With the help of artificial intelligence and your historical data, we reliably forecast the future. From potential machine failures in production to the next product a customer will buy.

We create Vision Recognition for

We transform pixels into usable data for your company. We automate time-consuming manual processes through text recognition, quantify the risk of tumors or optimize your production line.

In Development
AI to Go

AI to Go enables every user to use all modern and well-known use cases of artificial intelligence and machine learning without previous experience or external service providers.